Friday, June 4, 2010


1. Hearing My Children Laugh.

2. Hearing My Husband Laugh. NOW There's A Rarity....these days.

3. Learning Something NEW Everytime I Crochet Somethng New.
OR Everytime I Crochet! (:

4. GOD HAS NEVER LET ME DOWN!...Very True, We Are Going Through Some Tough Times For At Least,,,,2 years...BUT God has been True!

5. The SMELL Of Books, LAVENDER, and Sandelwood. OK BASIL too!

6. OK...My Husband and I Have the BEST LIFE...because even though we are poor... RIGHT NOW...we have 3 great kids (really),,, a roof...and food. AND SMILES!

7. I Have A Computer! (yes, I know...but this is sometrhing to be thankful for)

8. I Have Some GREAT CUSTOMERS At PennyPaperworks On That Helped me through Christmas With My 3 Kids.. THANK YOU!

9. I Have Great Girlfriends!..... Don't Get me Started....Women Can Be So Catty...BUT At 40... I Am BLESSED With Great FRIENDS! TY!!

19, I Am ABLE To Post This Message. THANK GOD!

Happy June All! ENJOY the DAY! AND...Be Creative In Your OWN WAY!!

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