Monday, June 21, 2010

The Tailored Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Who doesn't like a grilled cheese sandwich? Most every kid I know loves 'em!

Except mine.

He'll eat cheese by the slice...but no grilled cheese please.

I asked him why? why? why?

Our cupboards were bare and I was running out of options.

He said he didn't like the cheese oozing onto his hands when he ate it.

SO...I came up with the ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich,

that is not only quick and easy...but...

can be tailored to your kids preference of cheese ooziness!

In fact, older kids can make it on their own, if you don't want them operating the stove.

Here ya go:

Take your average packaged sandwich or burger roll and toast it the toaster,

well done but not burnt, of course.

Spread just a bit of butter on each inside piece.

Put desired amount of cheese on.

(We use 2 slices)

Put it on a microwave safe plate.

Pop it in the microwave for 8 to 13 seconds...depending on the ooziness desired.

(We do about 9 seconds)


The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich...Quick and Easy and Tailored to your kid!

We actually have given it a name, so the child does not assume he is getting

your average grilled cheese sandwich.

We have called it...An Irish Cheese Sandwich!

(I'm sure my mom is smiling down from heaven about this one!)

Now for easy clean up!
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Happy Cooking!

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